Best Sellers

I visited your workshop years ago in Chicago (my sister lived nearby) and I’ve never forgotten how beautiful the lamps are.
-Sara Donohue

I love your work! I have three table lamps and am hoping to save up for a floor lamp.

Dear Mr. Hoosin,
It was Good to talk to you today as we placed an order for a lamp to be sent to our daughter, Diane, and her new husband,Jon.
We certainly have enjoyed the lamp of yours that we purchased many years ago at the Peach Tree Inn in Fredericksburg, Texas; and it holds a place of honor in the foyer of our home where it can greet all who enter.

Last year when we were searching for a wedding gift for a grandson, were reflected on the table lamp that we received at our wedding 58 years ago. Although it is not nearly as elegant as your creations, it has held a special meaning for us. We presented our grandson and his bride one of your lamps with the wish for its two be a source of warmth and pleasant light throughout their married life.

A similar gift seems appropriate for Diane and Jon and enclosed is a note to them that you so kindly offered to send with their lamp. We are certain it will be a keepsake for them, and we look forward to seeing it in their home when we first visit in the fall. We think that one of your lamps will become a traditional wedding gift from us to special couples.

Many thanks for your thoughtful service.

-Floyd W. Baker, M. D.
Major General, US Army, Retired

Your site is very easy to use. But, of course, I’m prejudiced. I now own three of your lamps and plan to purchase more in the future. They warm my home and speak to my soul.
-Renee Nault

I have several of your lamps and every time people are over they are the talk of the town!
-Erin Walsh

You have the most beautiful lamps I have ever seen! They “tickle” me!
-Marianne Maes

I treated myself to one of your all shell petite lamps several years ago - for the table next to my bed. It still makes me smile every time I walk into my room and see it lit.
-M. B. Pulley

I recently purchased one of your lamps. It is sooo beautiful I keep it on during the daytime and I sleep with it on. It’s a true work of art and craftsmanship. I can’t wait to purchase my next one. They’re all so beautiful I have a hard time deciding which to buy.
-Althea C. King

I already own one, I am ordering another as a ceiling fixture and one for my stairway. I love your style. I discovered you at People’s Pottery in the Province Place Mall, but they didn’t give the info I needed, and I found you on a web search. Your creations are ideal for all, but especially for those of us beach side. Keep up the excellent work!!!
-Jennifer Gass

I have one Hoosin fixture in my home and keep my eyes open for other opportunities for Hoosin lamps around the house. Your work is so exquisite, that the thought of maybe winning one for nothing is boggling. The lamps are under priced as it is. But I suppose it is hard to put a price on priceless. Fabulous, fabulous work.
-Pat Byrnes

I do stained glass, but these are the most wonderful lamps I have ever seen!!!!!
-Robbie Gent

Hi. I received the lamp today. Of course, I had to open the box and check out the lamp. Yes, sir! It is a beauty, a truly incredible, masterful piece of art. I have your website in my list of favorite sites and I expect to be ordering again in the near future. Please take care. Thank you!

PS If you hear a yell of delight coming from the Smyrna, Delaware area, it’s my wife as she finds out what she got. “Yes, another Hoosin glass lamp!”

-Joseph M. Kuss

Best shell art work I have seen. One of a kind, an honor to own.
-Mary Lee Berger

We received our new floor lamp today. Simply beautiful! I set it up in our Victorian parlor right by the front window for the world to see and enjoy. I thank God for your wonderful talent, and I wish you the best of luck in the future. Thank you!!!
-Joseph M. Kuss

I love your lamps. They are very different and yet so beautiful. I would also like to add that I already own three of these lamps.
Thank you!
-Jennifer Bachman

Dear Mr. Hoosin,
We are from Taiwan. We bought the lamp at Saratoga, New York in 1998. Every friend who comes to our house is impressed by the beauty of the lamp. Everyone loves the lamp you made very much. Attached is the picture I took, hoping you know that it is shining at the other side of the world.
-Liewean Cheng

I saw your lamps at ABC Carpet & Home a few years ago and wanted one. I’ve been looking for your beautiful shall amps ever since, kicking myself for not getting one at ABC the moment I saw them. Now through painstaking research I have finally found your website! I am thrilled! I have been obsessed with finding your shell lamps for a while now! I am an artist as well, and I really appreciate the beauty of your work.
Thank you!
-Joslin Kryjcir

I bought a floor lamp a couple of years ago and love it dearly!
-Jennifer Eschedor

I bought one of your lamps in Hanale on Kauai. It is beautiful and unique. I will be getting more for a friend’s wedding. keep up the great work!
-Bridgit Mulloy

Terrific range of product offerings, and designs.
-Inga F. Hanks

I love all your vineyard lamps. I need them all.
Sherry L. Rogers

You have the most beautiful shall lamps I have ever seen. I’ve been searching for lamps for my newly decorated bedroom and came across one of your lamps in a local store. That find led me to your site. My bedroom has been recently transformed into a mermaid and shell display. My dilemma is now which lamp to purchase.
-Karen Marchese

I was doing some surfing/shopping via the Internet and found your site. Looks great! My wife and I purchased a lamp some years ago that we really enjoy, it is the Hoosin #19681 Seashells. Our daughter is getting married in the next few months and as a gift we are considering buying one of your lamps.
-Peter Mack

I am absolutely in love with your work. While having dinner at Schuba’s Harmony Grill tonight, we were mesmerized by the lighting. I couldn’t believe it when the waiter told us you were just down the street and that there was actually a possibility of experiencing this beauty in our own homes. This lighting is just what we have been looking for. We will be saving up for a couple of pieces soon!
-Maria Artemakis

I still think Hoosin has the prettiest lamps around! Absolutely beautiful.
-Martha Morton

I bought a Hoosin several years ago in Cape May, love my lamp. Glad I found your site, now I can expand my collection!
-Kim Keating

We have two Hoosin’s that we bought when we lived in Lincoln Park in the mid 90’s and they are treasured pieces in every home with lived in over the years. Thank you for such exquisite artwork that has brought us years of pleasure. It was fun just browsing our web site and enjoying the photos.
-Peggy Finnegan

I love love LOVE your lamps!
-Kristin Norton

Hello Richard, the lamp arrived yesterday and is absolutely magnificent, thank you so much! We will mount the lamp today and I will send you a photo of my “showrooms” with three Hoosin creations, OK? I have thought of a perfect contact for your lamps right here in Kailua when you are ready and look forward to receiving some information from you. Big mahalo, I am sooo excited about the new lamp – and warm aloha.
-Verena B. Rainalter